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Now Hiring For:

Can you work on your hands and knees for days at a time?

Can you work every Monday through Friday from 8am until 5pm?

Do you have any prior construction or maintenance experience?

If you answered YES to the three questions above, then we want to talk to you. Submit an employment application today!

  • Tile & Hard Surface Flooring Installer:

  • Number of Openings:  1

  • Responsibilities: The installer executes all aspects of the installation process from surface prep to finish. This must be done in an efficient and profitable time frame without sacrificing any quality.

  • Products Installed: Tile wall and floors, pre-finished hardwood, Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank

  • Maintenance Technician and Installation Assistant:

  • Number of Openings:  2

  • Responsibilities: The position requires a jack of all trades. An installation assistant, assisted the installer in completing the flooring or wall installation. It will require the ability to follow instructions in great detail, anticipate the next step in the process and to work independently. A Maintenance Technician is expected to preform the maintenance needs for an apartment or apartment complex. This can encompass a wide variety of tasks from changing a light bulb to installing a vinyl bathtub surround.

  • Expectations: The successful candidate will be need to be technologically inclined enough to utilize our HR software, Product & Maintenance tracking software, email, and calendar. The candidate will need to be mechanically inclined enough to replace or repair appliances, lights or fixtures. (No electrical or major plumbing is required)  

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