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My name is Mark Goymerac and I started TMG Contracting in February of 2004 when I decided to begin professionally installing ceramic tile, full time as an independent installer. Since then, I have come to also providing the maintenance needs for some 200+ apartments throughout Green Bay and the surrounding area. Over the years I have strived to provide my customers with high customer service and the highest quality installation that I could achieve. 

Vegetables in Paper Bags


My business is a craft and I am a craftsman. The materials may not be perfect, the job site may not be perfect and yet it is my job to make my product look as close to perfect as possible.


As a craftsman, I am always trying to improve on the last project. Each project offers a unique set of circumstances in which I have responsibility to try to apply the most appropriate approach while balancing the esthetic qualities and creative elements that go into a tile project.

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